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Join us on our mission to promote, empower, and guide startups towards success – the Firefly way.

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Our Specialty


We empower startups by connecting them with the right partners and investors
through our expert team in technology, finance, and business development.


Yair Sagi (Rolly)

In his military service was in a special unit, he is a mechanical engineer and then served in the Shin Bet for years. He climbed the ranks until his last position as the Deputy Head of the Shin Bet. Furthermore, he was a board member at MAFAT and managed projects in the organization. Among the founders of three accelerators for startups and an Advisory Board in several startup companies.

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Mor Ozeri

Our administrative and social media manager. Mor has a prominent background in marketing, known for her expertise in audience resistance. Has extensive knowledge in all worlds of content, design, editing and writing. Mor's unique talent lies in her unwavering ability to create meaningful human relationships, making her a valuable asset to our team. Her contributions light the way to the continued success and expansion of our company, and present her as a central figure in the advancement of our organization.

ששי אליה

Sasi Elya

In his military service was in Mamram, a software engineer, and then served in the Shin Bet for years. He climbed the ranks until his last position as the Head of the Information Technology of the Shin Bet. Furthermore, a director at Bank Leumi, a partner in the establishment of accelerators in Israel and an Advisory Board in several startup companies.

אלי יזרלביץ

Eli Izralevitch

the owner of the largest production company in Israel, a businessman with extensive connections and close to the heads of many Jewish communities in the world.

Alon Pinhas

Graduated with a degree in economics and accounting, founder and owner of two accelerators in Israel. In the past, he worked as an accountant for the Intel factory in Kiryat Gat, was in the finance department in the acquisitions of Mobileye, Habana and Movit. Led a global team from worldwide as part of a transition to advanced technology for Intel's financial systems worldwide.

Avraham Heinoch

Holds a degree in civil engineering and graduated marketing and management programs. Avraham has several successful businesses in Israel and extensive knowledge in the field of marketing. In addition, owner of a real estate company specializing in land acquisitions.

Ido Sabag

Ido is a mechanical engineering and renewable energy expert with both a bachelor's and master's degree. He developed a cutting-edge energy system that generates electricity using hidden solar panels in his thesis. During his military service, he received a certificate of appreciation from the head of Cibet for his involvement in a national security mission with the Ministry of Defense.

Why Us


With decades of experience in the Israel Security Agency (ISA), our expert team brings extensive knowledge of technology. WeCcelerate brings extensive knowledge in finance, and business development. We identify startup needs, adapt technological solutions, and deliver a complete business and economic operating model.

Fueling Startups

We're dedicated to promoting connections and investments for startups in various fields and stages of development. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals by connecting you with the appropriate and relevant investors and companies in Israel and around the world.


We offer comprehensive assistance in the development and investment in start-up companies. We work closely with you to ensure that you have the resources and support you need to succeed.


At Firefly, we promote, empower, guide, and help startups succeed. We understand the challenges of entrepreneurship and the importance of having the right partners and investors to drive growth and success. With our expertise and commitment to your success, you can trust that you're in good hands with Firefly.



Connected startups with successful business partners, resulting in accelerated growth and expansion.

Financial Success

Successfully guided startups in navigating the complex world of investments, ensuring their financial success and stability.

Business Growth

A direct connection to the WeCcelerate and Leumit-WeCcelerate accelerators allows us to understand the needs of the ventures and allow them to receive services that directly affect their growth.

Complex Cases

After extensive experience in security, economic and strategic challenges together with the capabilities of the Shin Bet, we know how to down to the smallest details in every startup and understand its future significance.

Reputation & Trust

Developed a reputation as a trusted partner for startups looking to scale and achieve their business objectives.

Successful Business

Facilitated the creation of numerous successful business partnerships between startups and investors, resulting in increased profitability and success.

Our Process


Our team will discuss your startup and goals, and determine the best course of action.

Development & Investment

We'll help develop your startup, provide resources, support and connect you with the right investors and companies.

Growth and Success

We aim for long-term success and provide continuous support to identify growth opportunities and help you achieve your goals.

As seen in

After dedicating decades of our careers to serving in the General Security Services in roles encompassing operational and technological responsibilities, we have transitioned to the private market. Our primary objective is to identify the most innovative and promising technologies and start-ups, and provide them with the resources and guidance necessary to achieve success. Drawing upon our extensive expertise, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution to the start-up community and beyond.” – Sagi Elya, co-founders of Firefly.

Introducing Firefly – the dynamic new company on a mission to foster connections and investments for startups across various fields and stages of development. With a passion for promoting innovation, Firefly is committed to providing comprehensive support to startups, guiding them towards success and helping them to achieve their goals.

Yair Sagi, also known as Roli, who previously served as the deputy head of the General Security Services, has teamed up with Sasi Elya, former head of the information technology division of the General Security Services, and businessman Eli Izralevich to form a new company called “Firefly”. This venture is in partnership with Whistleright partners Alon Pinhas, Avraham Heinoch, and Ido Sabag.

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Achieve your entrepreneurial goals with our proven guidance. Contact us now and let us guide you to success.